Swisscom Combox Pro and Visual Voicemail


Voicemail nicht verfügbar Zugriff konnte nicht autorisiert werden.

Recently I changed my Swisscom Natel infinity contract from residential to business. The price is the same but the business contract contains the Combox Pro feature free of charge which gives you much more functionality. The business contract is only available if your phone is owned by a company but you can have Combox Pro as a payed for add-on for 5 CHF a month if you have a privately owned phone.

After the switch to the business contract my visual voicemail stopped working. The message shown by my iPhone was „Voicemail nicht verfügbar Zugriff konnte nicht autorisiert werden.“ (Just added the German text in order to make this blogpost through search-engines available to others that get the same error message.) I called the hotline and they told me that Combox Pro isn’t compatible with Visual Voicemail. I almost did believe that but did some further investigation. In deed I found a discussion dating from  03/2013 that it isn’t possible to have Combox Pro an Visual Voicemail at the same time. In an other thread (in german) someone mentioned that it wasn’t possible with prepayed contracts either but  now is. And indeed it is now possible to have Visual Voicemail and Combox Pro.

You have to send two text messages:
1) To 444 send start vvm
2) To 30047 send state

I’m not sure if the second text message is necessary but after all Combox Pro now works with Visual Voicemail for me:-)