DeployStudio Leaves Fusion Drive Rendered Useless


After we deployed our standard DeployStudio image to a brand new iMac with a 3TB FusionDrive for the first time we had to realized that in Disk Utility the volume showed up as corrupt after a check. Somehow DeployStudio (1.5.17) isn’t ready for now to handle FusionDrives.

The question was: „How do we fix the now corrupted drive?“ After reading an article in the German Mac&i magazine (issue 9, page 150) and some googling we came to the solution described below. Especially one article on was a valuable read.

1) Boot off a external drive e.g. a recovery disk on an USB-stick.
2) Unmount the disk that has the FusionDrive on it.
3) Open terminal and display the structure of your drive:
diskutil cs list
4) Delete the physical drives
diskutil cs removeDisk <ID of SSD>
diskutil cs remove Disk <ID of mechanical drive>
5) This step is not really necessary but it might be a good idea to delete the partition schema.
diskutil zeroDisk disk0
diskutil zeroDisk disk1
6) Now we reconstruct the FusionDrive
diskutil cs create <VolumeName> disk0 disk1
7) Finally we create the volume:
diskutil cs createVolume <ID of logical volume created in the step 6> jhfs+ <VolumeName> 100%

After a reboot you can check the Volume in Disk Utility. The volume test shouldn’t display any errors.

Good luck!